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Sudhakar D Janai
World Scientist & Indexed Author of U.S.Govt. National Library of Medicine (N.L.M.) & Pioneer of WHO recognized Therapy.

When the International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries, or the World Health Organisation (WHO),or the American Diabetes Association, or the International Diabetes Federation, or various studies have declared diabetes as a major killer disease caused mainly due to sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, obesity, stress and consumption of diets rich in fat, sugar and calories, and pharma companies allocate huge budgets to organise CMEs and sell blood-sugar-controlling drugs, a man from Nagpur, Sudhakar Janai, from Nagpur is claiming that ‘Diabetes is not a disease of Blood Sugar.’

Practicing ‘Astropathy for cure’ since last 30 years, Janai said “What I was telling from last 30 years, the scientists of modern pharmacology, are now understanding the same.” In support to his invention, Janai gave a documentary proof of research of Ron Rosedale who is a medical officer at Advanced Metabolic Laboratories in Collaboration with University of Colorado. Janai stated that for decades, researchers believed that if people with diabetes lowered their blood sugar to normal levels, they would no longer be at high risk of dying from heart disease. But a study in USA on 10,000 middle aged patients with Type 2 Diabetes has found that lowering blood sugar actually increased their risk of death. It is now proved that lowering blood sugar to a normal is definitely wrong. On the contrary by keeping normal sugar level we are increasing the risk of diabetes complications like heart attack, renal failure etc, he added. Janai explained with the examples of two trucks. He said, “Out of these two trucks one is ten years old and other is six months old. Both are in good condition and loaded the same load to go from Nagpur to Delhi. Both trucks when reached to Delhi, it is found that ten years old truck has consumed 200 liters Diesel while that of six months old consumed 150 liters. The old truck is normal though it has consumed 200 liters of diesel, it has also shown the capacity of compete with new one. But the normal level of old truck is 200 liters of diesel while that of new truck is 150 liters. If the example is applied to the diabetes patients, the normal level of blood sugar differs from patient to patient. Hence, to measure blood sugar can’t be a crieteria to label a patient as diabetic one.” “There is no harm in eating sugar by diabetes patient” Janai said boldly and claimed that diabetes is a disease of nutrition. With the help of Astropathy i.e. the treatment with gems like perals, corals, topaz, ruby etc various chronic diseases can be cured. In last 30 years Janai has cured number of patients through Astropathy. He can be contacted at Sudhakar D Janai, 139, Pratibha Mahal, Nandanvan Lay-out, Nagpur 440009, Tel: 0712-2744668

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