Global Nagpur Summit Day 2 – Global Investor’s Conclave

The logistical importance of Nagpur and its rise among the cities that are suitable for new businesses was discussed during the Global Investors’ Conclave which was a part of the Global Nagpur Summit 2016. To, leverage the opportunities coming in the way of the city need to be made proper use of, believed the investors and businessmen.
During the inaugural event of the conclave, city MP Mr Ajay Sancheti and Mr Satish Pradhan from Tata Sons did a SWOT analysis of Nagpur as an investment destination. The outcome of this exercise was a pretty encouraging one. Both stressed the need to engage and involve all the citizens in this task. Investment opportunities in sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, food processing and agro-based manufacturing were discussed during the day. Some success stories from Central India were also narrated during the session name Make in Central India.
“Our manpower has helped many countries grow. But we have not been able to take advantage of even students coming out of elite institutions. We need to provide them with the right opportunities for our own benefit. Investors always need a right parking space for their money. Our local population needs to rise up to the challenge of making the city investor friendly,” said Mr Sancheti about the challenges faced by the city. With the GST coming in, transport and logistics business will only grow further and Nagpur should make the most of its geographical positioning, added the MP.
Pradhan spoke about the emotional attachment of the Tata Group with Nagpur since their first mills were opened in the city. He was happy to see the discussions about city’s growth trajectory going on in the right direction. “From what I see, Nagpur has the potential of being a lightning rod to harness the highly energised atmosphere around it. From the traditional businesses like Haldiram’s to the new wave social enterprises like Patanjali, they are all present in the city. There’s a need to blend the different philosophies that they bring in with the city’s vision of growth,” said Mr Pradhan.
He also believes that the need of the hour is to help the common people write themselves into this success story and make it inclusive and collaborative. “While we do this, the hinterlands need to be thought about as well. We must ensure that Nagpur doesn’t turn into an island of prosperity surrounded by misery. Another focus should be to ensure a wider portfolio to make our economy and all-weather insulated one which is protected from the vagaries of economic seasons around the world. The environmental effects of all these activities should also be a key point of discussion and action,” said Mr Pradhan.
Speakers during the different sessions included Dr Gurmukh Advani, Managing Director, Getinge India, Dr Rajesh Gokhale, Director, CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology, Mr Santosh Deshpande, Director, BDA Pharma, Dr Mrs P N Shastri, Retd. Prof & Head of Department of Food Technology, Laxminaryan Institute of Technology, Mr. Pankaj Sarda, Director, ASA Agrotech, Mr. Vivek Khanna, Senior Vice President, First Advantage & Founder, Wardha Organic, Mr. Manohar Bhojwani, CEO, Diet Foods International & President, Mihan Industries Association, Dr. R. B. Thakare, Geneticist & Farming System Specialist, Agronomist & Seed Specialist, Mr. Tanveer Mirza, Founder – Yashodhara Foundation, Mr. Lokesh Ranjan Srivastava, COO, Aerospace, TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd and Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi, Plant Head – Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur.

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