‘How Lone Nuts make it turn-around’ by Amrish Deshpande

Amrish Deshpande is a hardcore Nagpuri who lives with his wife and son in a western suburb of Chicagoland.
He is the alumnus of SFS school, Dharampeth Science Jr. college and COE, Karad.
He enjoys reading, writing, traveling and long endless conversations with fellow Nagpurkars

In his book “Tipping Point” the brilliant Malcolm Gladwell explains how an idea gets legs and later becomes a movement. Taking one anecdotal evidence of a young boy in Boston in the late 18th century he weaves an engaging story of the American independence revolution.

When does an idea become a movement and a movement become a force? Quite frankly, for anything big to happen we need outliers. A bunch of crazy nuts, if you will, who act against a force or create their own. They are not bound by a template or a liner strategic roadmap. They try, they fail, they get up, they try again..and again. They are disruptors of the conventional wisdom.

I see Nagpur First as a movement that is on the cusp of becoming a positive force for Nagpur’s development. Hats off to Dineshji for pursuing with this. And hats off to many many volunteers who are investing their personal time for something that is bigger than the sum of all parts.

Yes, Nagpur deserves its place under the sun. Nagpur is an idea who’s time has arrived.

I leave you with this very interesting Ted talk video.

Check how initially there’s only one lone “crazy” nut who puts his hat in the ring. And he dances like no one’s watching. Rest of them are shy and not willing to join him. Then one more person comes. Then another.. then another. What’s the most interesting part of this video ? To me, its this – in the end, the folks who are not dancing become an embarrassment. What a turnaround.

-Amrish Deshpande

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