Talk by Mr. Suresh Vasu on Continuous Medical Education

A talk on “Continuous Medical Education” by Mr. Suresh Vasu, Chairman, CEO and President, Quality Care Dilaysis LLC, Greater New York Area, Mr. David Tigue, President, Concerto Health MI, Michigan and Mr. William Venus, VP Business Development at Amerisource Bergen was arranged by Nagpur First and Indian Medical Association, Nagpur on October 4th at IMA Hall, Nagpur. Mr. Suresh spoke on best renal practices adoption in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where he highlighted the scenario of India which has the largest number of End Stage Renal Disease patients and almost 90% of the patients receive no care for their issues. He also stated that many of the dialysis centers are located in big cities and hence it is very inconvenient for the population living in the rural areas to travel to the cities where the treatments are expensive and it also increases fatalities. He mentioned his vision of high-quality dialysis services at affordable costs in every small and big town of country and to achieve the same the training
Before Mr. Suresh took the stage, Mr. Rishi Saraf, Executive member of Nagpur First, shared a brief on Nagpur
First and the Global Nagpur Summit. IMA President Dr. Avinash Wase introduced IMA Nagpur.
Mr. David Tigue, President, Concerto Health MI, Michigan shared his views on the telehealth practices that are prevalent in the countries other than India which involves the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-
related education, public health, and health administration which is inexpensive and equally time-saving.
Mr. William Venus, VP Business Development at Amerisource Bergen focused on Evolving trends and innovations in hospital cost and care management where he talked about the concept of GPO (Group Purchasing Organizations) which mainly dealt with the purchase of medical devices at a lower cost leading to the cheaper and affordable health care. IMA members, Chairperson of Global Nagpur Awards committee Mr. Hemant Lodha, Executive Member of Nagpur First Mr. Rishi Saraf and GNS- Secretariat team were prominently

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