Australian Consulate General visits MIHAN


Press Release
Ref: PR/2016
March 21, 2016

Australian Consulate General visits MIHAN

Nagpur First organized a visit of the Australian Consulate – General Mark Pierce to MIHAN on Monday March 21, 2016.

Consulate General Mark Pierce and Ms. Cressida Lewis, Economic Dilomacy & Visits Officer at the Australian Consulate were welcomed by Mr. Tanaji Satre Vice Presidentโ€“ MIHAN, Mr. Atul Thakre, Manager Marketing โ€“ MIHAN. The Nagpur First Team comprised of Mr. Hemant Lodha, Patron, Mr. Faiz Wahid, Secretary, Mr. Vikram Naidu, Rishi Saraf, Mr. Manish Sanghvi โ€“ Members.

Mr. Atul Thakre, Manager Marketing-MIHAN, gave an elaborate presentation of MIHAN to Consulate General. He highlighted the well- developed land with facilities like electricity, roads and water at a very reasonable price. The Consulate General appreciated that MIHAN has Air, Rail & Road connectivity that are key requirements for logistics & spoke on 4 key business areas between Australia and India.

1. Agriculture: Australia is an exporter of agricultural products, to India. Australia is able to generate higher yields from cows by using genetic engineering etc and cows give 25 litres vs 5 litres of Indian cows. Nagpur First suggested Vidarbha could be the ideal location for using expertise in setting up cattle farms.

2. Resources: Australia has very large companies like Rio Tinto etc., who are into mining of Iron Ore & Coal. Consulate General was informed that Vidarbha is rich in mineral resources and has 80% of the natural resources of the entire Maharashtra state. Counsel General suggested, Australia could use expertise in Mining, Logistics and even Rehabilitation of the mines, which could be provided to India.

3. Infrastructure: In Australia earlier several activities of Business & Trade were done by the government. Now Australia is selling government assets to private firms to generate resources to invest elsewhere where needed. So now even old heritage buildings are being vacated & sold to private parties who are converting these to generate tourism revenue.

4. Skills Development: Consulate General informed Australia is looking for Tie-ups in developing professional skills like Plumbing, Masonary, Carpentry, etc. Skill development probably can become a major engagement.

5. Tourism: Consulate General appreciated Nagpur Tigers are well known in all parts of the world. Tiger tourism could become a big industry for Nagpur region.

In conclusion Consulate General stated that trade with India is $30 billion which is very low as compared to with China $160 billion.

After the meeting the Consulate General & Team were shown facilities of Tata Consultancy Services, Air India, TAL, Taneja Aerospace, TCI, GATTI, Future Supply Chain, etc

Faiz Wahid,
Secretary – Nagpur First
Cell: +91 9970462580

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